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Fintech Law for MSBs. real and virtual currency payment processing, bill processing and novel payment solutions.

Every fintech model needs careful consideration in order to comply with federal and state laws. Adam Atlas Attorneys at Law advises principally on U.S. payment regulation and commercial matters assists both U.S. and foreign fintech, payments and currency providers with ideation, creation, implementation, compliance, licensing and ongoing legal support. Please use these tools and reach out to us when you want answers to your payments law questions.


Money Services Business Law / Virtual Currency Business Law – open-sourced reference guide

Payments business ideas by Adam Atlas – 400 payments projects others have started. This includes hundreds of ISOs, Payfacs and also national payments regulators.

California and New York Licensed Money Services Businesses List by Adam Atlas

Top 800 Payments Industry Leaders – the people to learn from and meet.

Marketplaces List by Adam Atlas – a handy list of marketplaces that hover between being a seller or a payments business

Virtual Currencies list by Adam Atlas – most of them anyway.

Hope to see you at Money2020 2015 along with all these payments leaders.


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